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An additional service for your customers: echonet develops applications and web solutions for the Apple iPhone and other internet-ready mobile phones.

Mobile websites and applications

There are many different ways of making your content accessible via mobile phones. You can offer your customers in-house applications (for the iPhone, HTC Smartphone, etc.) or optimise your web content for mobile access.

Wienlive Mobile Site © echonet

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  • Wienlive Mobile Site © echonet .
  • Wienlive Mobile Site © echonet


echonet communication has expanded its company portfolio and, since the beginning of September, now also offers applications for the Apple iPhone.

The first mini application was developed for the media exhibition between the 24th and the 26th of September 2008: “Comments from the media”

With this application, users receive a new comment every day on the topics of media, advertising, internet and newspapers. The entertaining comments provided range from Henry Ford and David Ogilvy to Matthias Horx and many more. In addition, customers are also able to read the previous week’s comments.

Click here for a direct link to the free iPhone application from the Apple App Store!

Mobile sites

echonet can produce a mobile version of your chosen websites. They can be made available via “” or under the short form “”.

Content is produced and managed using the normal Content Management System and the Frond End is designed explicitly for the next generation of mobile devices. The phone version is therefore an “iPhone version” of the website.

Reference projects: