Intelligent invoice processing

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communication Based on experience gained in the invoicing of services, echonet has developed the product which is a browser-based system for invoice processing. Practicality, ease of use and maximum output are the cornerstones of

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This is no ordinary accounting program – is an efficient clearing system for small businesses. This is particularly suitable for companies which operate on the basis of a combination of continuous and project-based invoicing – from approximately 200 invoices per year upwards. not only offers customers the simplest way to monitor outgoing invoices, it also gives customers the opportunity to invoice current products and contracts. The simple steps and non-operating-system-dependent steps developed by echonet make it possible to avoid unpleasant restrictions imposed by larger accounting systems.

With, your outgoing invoice processing system is transformed from a complicated database or server system into a simple web-based product where invoicing can be performed on the intranet. The system does not have any influence on your present accounting processes – you can stick with your current wages clerk, tax advisor or accounting department!


Target group

Smaller businesses with an invoice volume of 200 invoices per year upwards who focus on simple accounting processes and uncomplicated application. In particular: companies which operate a continuous accounting system (renting, hosting, continuous contracts ...).


The basic system is offered at a one-off price of EUR 2,500.00. Continuous licensing costs for the system equate to EUR 100.00 per month.

Questions about

If you would like to know more about the product or would like to see the system in operation, simply contact one of our experts.