echonet GRID - toolbar & more ...

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One of the most recent products to join the echonet range is “GRID”. The network of linked websites is continually expanding.

The echonet GRID is a bar which can be integrated into the top or bottom of your website.

It is loaded as a technical iFrame and offers the following features:

What are the benefits to me as a website operator?

The link to your website is implemented into the echonet GRID. In the same way that others appear in your list, you appear in other’s lists. It appears as if you are performing a link exchange with topic-related sites.

The system also implements a Google search as well as a recommendation system. Users who are on your site and see the echonet GRID bar can use our recommendation system to recommend one of your subpages to friends and colleagues. It is therefore a free of charge, advertising-free feature for your website.

When shouldn’t I implement this feature?

If you are afraid of linking your site to other similar sites or even to your competition, you should avoid the echonet GRID.