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The Content Management System,, is simple to use and boasts extremely high performance. Although it is possible to fulfil particular individual requirements, the system can also be precisely scaled and can therefore be integrated into the daily work flow of the web manager. 3

Convenient, simple, easy-to-understand and practical content management – this is 3 by echonet. The in-house CMS is based on PHP and a MySQL database and has been consistently developed over the past 6 years. Customer requirements, technical innovations and the need for simplicity are the core aspects of the product.

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  • Login Screen © echonet .
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  • Login Screen © echonet
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Thanks to its completely web-based used interface, the third edition of boasts an intelligent, flexible and time-efficient Web Content Management System creates the perfect basis for the management of internet and intranet applications.

The system makes it possible for the operator to process and implement pictures, texts, content, and files for web presence within a matter of minutes.

Three minutes is all it takes!

Efficiency is a key aspect of the system: operators who are responsible for the content should not have to spend too much time dealing with the layout, structure or the technical framework of the system. This turns into a power tool for all content managers as it is possible to complete working processes within a matter of minutes. 3 stands for: efficiency at work.

Runs on Windows, Mac & Linux

Many agencies use for the administration of customer websites. The system can therefore only be used in conjunction with modern web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 1+, Opera 8+) but can be used under all major operating systems which support these browsers. 3 is: the optimal tool under all operating systems and offers the same high level of performance.