CRM Management with echonet

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Common address management for companies on the internet. This is the ideal way to enable common, cross-regional management of addresses,

  • Integrated newsletter system
  • Completely web-based – can be used worldwide at any time! – address management

echonet has developed, an application that can be used across the net. The address and contact management system,, can be used to manage customer contacts and also to distribute newsletters.

Screenshot: Newsletterversand über Gruppen © echonet

  • Screenshot: Newsletterversand über Gruppen © echonet .
  • Screenshot: Personendaten-Erfassung © echonet .
  • Screenshot: Newsletterversand über Gruppen © echonet
  • Screenshot: Personendaten-Erfassung © echonet

Address management based on categories, contacts or people

With from echonet, companies can create a comprehensive address database. The system manages postal and contact addresses, allows people to be allocated to companies and also boasts a high-performance cross-address search function.

Newsletter with circular letter function

The address management system,, includes an integrated newsletter engine. Newsletters can be sent both as text-only (plain text) and HTML-format newsletters. The integrated circular letter function allows companies to personalise their newsletters with a personal address to their customers.