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We will advise you how you can efficiently use current social media platforms for the viral distribution of your content.
Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube – depending on your target audience, there are a number of different options available.

Use social media for communication

Social media such as blogs or Twitter and networks such as Facebook, Xing, Orkut and StudiVZ offer a number of different opportunities to establish contact with customers and enter into communication. The use of social media as a communication tool is more intense, more relevant and more personal for the customer compared to traditional advertising.

Viral marketing

The field of viral marketing is particularly pushed by your own customers. With the help of technical innovations and content, we encourage customers to spread the word about the products created in the quickest and most varied way possible – hence the term “viral”. The message is spread like a virus – in this case, a positive one.
An individual rewards system for customer contact achieved is therefore the core idea of this marketing plan. At the beginning of a viral marketing campaign, it is important to encourage B2B customers to assist you in gaining new partners and other B2B customers for the platform.


Seeding (spreading, sowing) is the term used for the direct initial placement of a message or a product on relevant, high-frequency platforms. The product is distributed among a selected group of influential and networked people. By integrating this group into the product launch, requesting their feedback and allowing them to play an active role in the launch, it is possible to create an identification with the goal: word of mouth.
One of the most-important seeding measures is to integrate current customers into the launch of the product. This loyal basis is quite diverse at echonet.

Guerrilla marketing

This is the marketing buzzword of the 21st century. But what exactly is guerrilla marketing? Simple: guerrilla marketing is a term used to describe marketing measures which are new and unexpected and product strong positive effects without the need for intense implementation of marketing tools. Guerrilla marketing is the creative and unusual implementation of an advertising message independent of the budget available for the project. Numerous studies have shown that average users are “flooded” with around 3,000 advertising messages in the media every week. Users can normally only remember a few of these. They will only be able to remember those that had something special about them. This is where guerrilla marketing comes into play. We create unusual, fresh, new ideas together with our customers.