Online marketing

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The primary area of focus for online marketing is the field of search engine marketing (SEO marketing) and seeding, as well as viral marketing methods and guerrilla marketing. Online marketing can also mean creating a position for yourself based on your expertise or implementing target-group-specific marketing measures based on affiliate programs.

Traditional marketing on the internet

Online marketing or: how can I draw users to your site? We rely on four proven measures in the realisation of a common goal.

Traditional online advertising

Ever since the internet entered the commercial sector, it has been used as a successful advertising tool. It is always necessary to look beyond your own website as the internet also offers relevant “nodes” for different topics. It is always wise to have some form of advertising present on these nodes. There is nothing more direct that online advertising; customers can be taken directly into a virtual branch in a single mouse click.

Effective advertising banners in various formats – most of which are created in accordance with global IAB standards – and appropriate advertising messages can often be successfully implemented on the internet with the help of competent media planning. Online advertising is more measurable, more direct and more relevant than traditional advertising communication. Volumes achieved or “Conversions” (for example newsletter subscriptions) can be precisely traced back to the advertising measures implemented.

Media planning for online advertising

Successful media planning for online advertising requires much more than expertise in the field of internet media. The planner knows which media are relevant for each topic, finds the right place for the advertising and ensures that is it placed there. This leads to as little wastage as possible and the highest-possible direct success for the advertisement.

Advertising banners in IAB formats

The IAB has defined standard formats for the creation of online advertisements (banners). In addition to defining the file format and file size of the banners, its physical size is also defined. The physical size is given in pixels. Proven and widely-accepted formats which are produced and implemented in various forms of media are (among others):

Costs of online advertising: different calculation schemes

There are different types of cost calculations for online advertising. The costs associated with online advertising are easier and faster to establish compared to traditional advertising as online advertising measures are can be more easily scaled. (It is difficult if not impossible to produce a quarter-page newspaper advertisement which should appeal to 10,000 of the 72,000 readers. On the internet, however, you can. This is why it is possible to achieve success on the internet even with smaller budgets).

Search engine marketing

A “special topic” in the field of online advertising: search engines such as Google or Yahoo are the door to the internet for many users. The days of Meta tags, link networks and hidden texts being used to influence search engines are long gone. Search engines are becoming ever-more intelligent and now not only take the content of the website into account, und also the connections and links between individual pages.

Successful search engine marketing (not to be confused with search engine optimisation, SEO) demands a combination of well-chosen key words, display texts and target pages, so-called “Landing Pages”. Most providers use the CPC (cost per click) calculation system. The choice of keywords which lead to the page being displayed, the target area, broadcast frequency and continuous performance measurement are the cornerstones of high-quality search engine marketing.