Achieve success with your online shop

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Whether you’re talking about E-Commerce, online shopping or online commerce, in order to be successful in the world of E-Commerce, it is important to have comprehensive background knowledge of customer behaviour in online shops. Many successful elements of a good online shop can also be found in the real world of business.

Principles for success in E-Commerce

In order for an online shop to succeed in the market, it is important that it is adapted to suit the needs of the customers on a number of different levels. Good online shops make use of the advantages of E-Commerce – such as the lack of time and location restrictions for customers – but also consider the advantages that come from normal shops in the real world.

Advantage check – the online shop

It is not certain, but most likely, that the online shop presents cost advantages to the provider compared to normal shops. The cost of renting premises is usually considerable higher than operating an online shop. There are also a further two significant factors to operating an online shop:

Advantage check – transfer of ideas from normal shops

In order to successfully implement an online shop on the market, it is often sufficient to implement a number of factors from successful land-based shops. Thinking about which ideas and methods can be transferred to the online market, providers are already well on their way to success.

On average, online shops still lose around half of their potential in sales volume. Customers are still highly likely to cancel purchases halfway through the process – often because the online provider has failed to implement the advantages of land-based shops into their online shop which leaves the customer uncertain about certain aspects of their purchase. This effectively prevents them from entering their credit card details and purchasing the product.