Key facts about echonet

echonet communication is a web agency situated in Vienna, Austria. There are 11 employees working on online-projects. We are specialized in producting websolutions, accessible websites, online-communities and mobile websites.

Our core business is to build up enterprize websites with our multi-lingual content-management-system 3. The clients of echonet are quite different, the range is from single persons, celebrities and artists to big, international acting companies. We are no branche specialists, echonet creates websites for consume goods, cultural institutions (theaters...), public institutions (municipalities...), finance sector, tourism and industry.

echonet is owned by 95.1 percent by CEO Roland Vidmar and 4.9 percent by echo medienhaus ges.m.b.h., a media company in vienna.

Further information about our Know How, Projects, Products and our Contact Info.

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